HSS expertise of EEG Cifra

intellectual program for assessing the probability of mental illness occurrence by analyzing the brain electroencephalogram
> 80%
deviation of accuracy detection

Online platform with machine learning technology

The program is self-learning and able to improve the data analysis to give a higher probability of a mental disorder presence
During the neural network development we used methods which were empirically the most efficient in EEG data processing

Stages of program development

  • Product's concept creation
  • Collecting of an analytical information
  • Technical development of the program
  • Implementation of training modules
2023 –
  • Replenishment of the training sample
  • Increasing the efficiency of the program's training modules
  • Implementation of a predictive model to forecast the possibility of patient’s mental disorders in the future
  • An analysis module development for groups of patients in accordance with the specified criterions

How does the program work?

Get access to the online platform
Upload the EEG result to your personal account inside the program
The program automatically analyze the EEG file
The program calculates the probability of mental disorders in 30 seconds
The doctor decides which diagnosis to make

For whom intended "Cifra"?

Medical and preventive institutions
Social medical institutions
Mobile medical complexes
  • Reducing the workload for medical staff
  • Reduction of mistakes caused by the human factor
  • Improving the accuracy of patient's mental disorders diagnosing
  • Detection of diseases in the early stages
  • Apropos appointment of an effective method of treatment
  • Ensuring a high level of patient's data confidentiality
  • Guarantee of the program's functionality due to the absence of foreign components in the database
  • A vast field for scientific activity
  • Achieving high-quality results in work: making a more accurate diagnosis and prescribing optimal treatment
  • Fast process of analyzing a large number of EEG files. Average processing speed: 2 EEG files per minute
  • Intuitive program interface
  • Regular automatic updating of the program database to improve the accuracy of deviation detection
  • The ability to access the analytical functions of the program by patient groups in the context of specific indicators
  • Reducing the burden on medical institutions by automating routine processes
  • Improving the quality of diagnosis of mental illnesses

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